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Our aim is to offer stable and high-quality products considering the wishes and requirements of our customers. Our product developers work in constant cooperation with customers and suppliers. As one of the leading sellers of frozen wild berries, we are able to offer berry products at the highest level of quality. In choosing our raw materials, we particularly focus on quality and stability. We have introduced technology that meets the highest hygiene standards.


We also offer functional fruit preparations according to the wishes of our customers.



Period: 2014 - 2017



⟢  Wild berries

 Citrus fruits




 Non fruit preparations


 Customer-specific product development

 High-quality raw material

 Aseptic production line

 Strict hygiene requirements

 Qualified personnel

 Process-based internal product analysis

 Modern laboratory

Technology and quality



 Aseptic container    800 L

 Aseptic container   400 L

 Aseptic BiB 10 L

 Aseptic BiB 20 L

⟢  Aseptic BiB 230 L

⟢  PP bucket  10 L

  PP bucket  20 L


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