AS Saarek Productions

AS Saarek Productions is engaged in buying-up, processing and selling wild berries, as well as the production of fruit preparations and stuffing for the dairy, ice-cream, bakery and confectionery industries.

⟢ More than 25 years of experience in freezing and cleaning wild berries.

 Product export experience: European Union Member States, China, Japan.

 Modern technology for the production of fruit preparations and stuffing.

 Strict quality control system.

 Qualified and carefully selected personnel.

 Logistically good location and developed infrastructure.

 Organic farming approval No. 17209 for processing and storing berries and producing fruit preparations.

 Food Safety Management System Standard ISO 22000:2005.

Our principles

 We are a reliable partner.

 We help you to add value to your products with our quality and innovativeness.
 We are precise and punctual.


Strenght and passion

We know that good things are happening thanks to uncompromised endurance, but passion is needed to make the best things.


Exactly these values made Saaremaa Volleyball Club to Estonian Cup Winner in 2017. Strenght and passion led the new club to the absolute peak of the Estonian volleyball already in the first season. We are proud of it!


Supporting Saaremaa Volleyball Club is much more for us than just sports sponsorship. Rather cooperation where we share the same values. Success and emotions in sports give us motivation and inspiration for everyday work.


Saaremaa Võrkpalliklubi

Saarek Production AS
Saaremaa Võrkpalliklubi
Saaremaa Võrkpalliklubi


⟢ 1990 We started our activities in the area of buying-up wild berries and mushrooms.

 1994 We invested in a new cold-storage depot and a berry cleaning line at the Reola production complex.

 1996 We acquired the first electronic sorting line, which allowed us to clean berries by colour and size.

 2005 We completed a new cold-storage depot at the Reola production complex.

 2005 We commissioned a new electronic sorting line, which helped us to improve the quality of sorting frozen berries.

 2006 We commenced the construction of a new production complex for the further processing of berries.

 2007 We began the production of fruit preparations and stuffing.

 2010 We invested in additional freezing capacity.

 2012 We invested in additional fast-freezing capacity.
 2015 We completed a production facility with a new modern cleaning line for frozen berries.



Buying-up wild berries and mushrooms


Sortec 6000E


Sortex Niagra


 Production of fruit preparations and stuffing


Additional fast-freezing capacity


New cold-storage depot and a berry cleaning line


Completed a new cold-storage depot


New production complex


Additional freezing capacity


New modern cleaning line for frozen berries


AS Saarek Productions

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Ülenurme municipality

61707 Tartu country


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AS Saarek Productions


Ülenurme municipality

61707 Tartu country


X: 6465193,2

Y: 658827

Phone: +372 734 0050 

Fax: +372 734 0051 

E-mail: berry [at]

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